DISC I  
1 Logic-Fruit Technologies P rivate Limited Secure Hardware Encryption Device Haryana NAVY
2 Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited Karnat aka
3 Anvation Lab s Private Limited Karnat aka
4 Brahmi Systems Private Limited Karnat aka
5 Astrome Technologies Private Limited 4G/LTE Tactical LAN Tamil Nadu NAVY
6 Bigcat Wireless Private Limited Karnataka
7 Lekha Wireless Solutions Private Limited Maharashtra
8 Raksha Communications/ Induslabs Private Limited Tamil Nadu
9 ANY Liquitreat Solutions Private Limited Desalination/ Bilge-Oily Water Separation Karnataka NAVY
10 OSSUS Biorenewables Private Limited Karnataka
11 Nopo Nanotechnologies Private Limited Goa
12 Individual Tamil Nadu
13 Gyandata Private Limited AI in SCM & Logistics Karnataka NAVY
14 Radome Technologies and Services Private Limited Karnataka
15 CSTEP Tamil Nadu
16 Planys Technologies Private Limited Unmanned Surface/ Underwater Vehicles Andhra Pradesh NAVY
17 Saif Automations Services LLP Delhi
18 Botlab Dynamics Private Limited Kerala
19 Irov Technologies Private Limited Haryana
20 Tatvabodh Technology Private Limited Individual Protection System Haryana ARMY
21 Individual Tamil Nadu
22 Individual Karnataka
23 Individual Tamil Nadu
24 Nyokas Technologies Private Limited Kerala
25 Individual Maharashtra
26 Dimension NXG Private Limited See Through Armour Maharashtra ARMY/OFB
27 Big Bang Boom Solutions Private Limited Karnataka
28 AIConstellation technologies Private Limited Tamil Nadu
29 Tonbo Imaging India Private Limited Karnataka
30 Centauri Composites private limited Carbon Fibre winding Uttar Pradesh OFB
31 North Street Cooling Towers Private Limited Karnataka
32 Kinetix Engineering Solutions Limited Active Protection System Karnataka ARMY/OFB
33 DV2JS Innovation Remotely Piloted Airborne Vehicles Delhi AIR FORCE
34 Optimized Electrotech Private Limited Gujarat
35 ZMotion Autonomous System Private Limited Karnataka
36 MMRFIC Technology Private Limited Design & Dev of GPS Anti Jam Device Karnataka AIR FORCE
37 HW Design Labs OPC Private Limited  Kerala
38 Pentashield Technologies Private Limited Anomaly detection in Air trajectory Gujarat HAL/BEL
39 Iotina technologies Private Limited Uttar Pradesh
40 DATAKALP LLP Karnataka
41 Gurutvaa Systems Private Limited Countermeasures for illegal drones Maharashtra AIR FORCE
42 Big Bang Boom Solutions Private Limited Tamilnadu
43 iSenses Incorporation Private Limited Karnataka
44 Constelli Systems Private Limited RADER IQ Signal Generator Telangana HAL