Investments Announced in Uttar Pradesh Defence Corridor

S.No Organisation Investment in Crores Projects
1 OFB 423 Modernisation of Ordnance Factory, Kanpur
345 Modernisation of Field Gun Factory, Kanpur
309 Modernisation of other factories in UP
Total 1077
2 HAL 700 Accessories Division, Lucknow for capacity enhancement of SI-30 MKI repair and overhaul; Capacity enhancement of LCA manufacturing
270 Capacity enhancement of SI-30 MKI ROH project and modernisation and maintenance of Korwa plant
200 Enhancing manufacturing capacity of Civil Dornier 228 for supporting UDAAN scheme
30 Upgradation of plant at Naini
Total 1200
3 BEL 200 Modernisation of BEL Ghaziabad
40 Setting up of Regional Support Center at Agra/Kanpur
Total 240
Private Sector
4 MKU 100 New facility at Noida for Electro Optics
150 Upgradation and Expansion of Armor Facility in Kanpur
150 Small arms manufacturing in Kanpur
500 Medium and large calibre arms manufacturing in Kanpur
Total 900
5 PTC 115 Manufacturing large propellers for Submarines and Ships
6 Bharat Forge 200 Setting up of ammunition factory
Grand Total 3732