Dashboard For Defence Minister

Sr No. SHQ Name of Project AIP Date AON Date PSO Date
1 HQIDS Development of modular small satellite bus for rapid integration into the launcher 19.10.2022
2 HQIDS Small Satellite Launch vehicle for launching satellite weighing 150 -650 kg to LEO 19.10.2022
3 HQIDS Development of V-band based Inter-satellite Link communication module for Small Satellites offering data rate upto 1.5 Gbps 19.10.2022
4 HQIDS Laser based comn system as modular payload for Small LEO satellites offering > 1.5 Gbps data transfer rate between LEO and GEO Data Relay Satl 19.10.2022
5 HQIDS Integration of Optical and Radar Sensors into a network with AI based Analytics 19.10.2022
6 HQIDS Imagery data fusion for Optical and Radar data sources 19.10.2022
7 HQIDS Geo-AI based Multi-Sensor Optical/Radar Equipment Siting Simulator 19.10.2022
8 HQIDS Development of Orbital Transfer Vehicle for Space Debris removal in LEO 19.10.2022
9 HQIDS Development of a Mini Imaging/Comn Satellites for LoD 19.10.2022
10 HQIDS Development of Space-grade robotic arm with ground-control 19.10.2022

Sr No. SHQ Name of Project AIP Date AON Date PSO Date Withdrawn On