Dashboard For Defence Minister
Sr No. SHQ Name of Project AIP Date
1 Air Force Airborne Electro Optical Pod with Ground Based System 02.03.2022
2 Air Force Airborne Stand – Off Jammer 02.03.2022
3 Air Force Communication System with Indian Security Protocols 02.03.2022
4 Air Force Mobile Ground based Multipurpose Jammer System 11.07.2022
5 Air Force Development of Multiband Programmable RF Sensor Satellite 19.10.2022
6 Air Force Innovative Space Applications of Fourth/ Final Stage of Launch Vehicles 19.10.2022
7 Air Force High Throughput Communication Satellite in LEO 19.10.2022
8 Air Force On Orbit Maintenance and Refuelling (OOMR) technology in LEO 19.10.2022
9 Air Force On Orbit Propellant Storage and Transfer system 19.10.2022
10 Air Force Modular, Multi payload Configurable VLEO Vehicle/Bus 19.10.2022
11 Air Force CBRN Threat detection and Monitoring Sensors for VLEO Bus 19.10.2022
12 Air Force Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) GEO Satellite for Secure Comns 19.10.2022
13 Air Force On Orbit Space Infra maintenance and upgrade operations 19.10.2022
Sr No. SHQ Name of Project AIP Date